rockin' the web design, photography, graphics and general creativity


This is the online portfolio for Dana Hastings.


Need a site? Want someone to turn your ‘feel’ into pixels? Let me know, large or small, we can work together on something special!


Documenting is my game! Want to just enjoy your event, show or special moment? Let me document all these moments, and maybe even make you a special memento that you and others can enjoy! Music, family, friends and special events!


The very special quality that brings everything together! You can’t share or promote without getting it designed first! Flyers, logos, demos, merchandise and memorabilia, what ever you can think of!


Always in pursuit of the following:

“Love what you do, do what you love!”


  • Fascinated with technology, communication, and design…and how it all molds together.
  • I’m great at technical stuff and creative stuff, and am able to translate between the two worlds, I’ve been told that’s a pretty amazing talent.
  • Musically obsessed – listening, watching, collecting, photographing.
  • My two felines make great photography models.
  • I love stars and hugs.
  • I love the Cowboys!