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The Melding of Me

Creativity is the game and organization/planning is the way to make it useful. Essentially, I get to improve my PM skills by day and creativity skills by night.

Professionally, I’m an IT Project Manager. I get to work with very talented designers, programmers, and db administrators to complete projects that affect the world-wide markets of two very successful liquid nutrition based companies. With my unique understanding of things technical and creative, I’m able to pull everyone together to complete daunting and exciting deadlines, while ensuring that deliverables are quality driven.

Personally, I have quite a few creative passions, the main two are photography and web design. I enjoy being out and about improving my photography skills, while expanding my musical tastes. This has lead to meeting several really talented musicians and even a few ‘stars’. When I’m not out, I’m usually working on a web project or trying to learn a new web skill. And no matter where I am, I’m constantly connected, social media is awesome.

The melting of opposites is embedded in my very being. I was born on the Navajo Reservation and grew up with a driven desire to be an engineer. How a female native child decided to be an engineer in the 4th grade? It has only been recently that I think we (me and my family) have determine that it began with our trip to NASA. I rocked the math and science achievements for many years, until the passion of my creative hobbies reared it’s head in a loud roar, to which  I couldn’t ignore anymore. So, I embraced my creativity, and switched paths just a bit.  Since then my life has been very fast paced and full of new lessons to be learned.

I look forward to the future and to seeking out opportunities to expand my skills both professionally and personally.  One day I will get both to meld into one, so that I might be one of the lucky one’s that lives the mantra:

“Love what you do,
do what you love!”

My life is a fusion of opposites

  • fusion — n: The act or process of fusing or melting together; union
  • I am a quarter Hopi and three-quarters Navajo. My clans (in English) are Towering House and Edgewater.
  • I was born on the Navajo Reservation, but spent most of my life growing up off the Reservation in Southern Arizona.
  • I am a Native American raised Baptist Christian.
  • I love to learn about design and coding!