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I think I’ve always been obsessed with photos and cameras.  It wasn’t until digital came along that desire turned into true obsession. Before I would always worry that I couldn’t afford the film, the development, etc. But, with the digital age and my love for technology….well, I just had to get my first camera.

My first was an Olympus point and shoot with a great zoom. I have since upgraded and now use a Canon T1i. I can’t wait to get that next one!

I’m available for anything you want me to shoot! Let’s make it happen!


Places where PhotosbyDafire have appeared:

  • Smithsonian Exhibit featuring Debora Iyall
  • Fender Museum Exhibit featuring Dramarama
  • Phoenix Comicon Promotional Material
  • CD insert – Everybody Dies – by Dramarama
  • News Articles – Various papers in California
  • Band Promotions in Texas and Arizona


where dafire photos have appearedMy anything and EVERYTHING photos albums are hosted on dafire.com/gallery.

coming soon, photo portfolio, photosbydafire.com